In recent years, human rights violations have increasingly been reported in Turkey. Various international bodies and courts have confirmed this, sometimes even in very sharp terms. That is why we have taken the initiative to set up a “Turkey Tribunal.”

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Despite the fact that Turkey does not recognize the Rome Statute, the Turkey Tribunal continues the preparations to present a comprehensive report to the ICC in early 2022, considering the fact that the ICC’s jurisdiction is established in terms of crimes such as enforced disappearance, imprisonment, and torture committed by state officials affiliated with the Erdogan regime in countries party to the Statute

International Criminal Court Application Process

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Vande Lanotte challenges Turkish regime before the International Criminal Court

14-02-22 Source: BELGA Systematic abductions (enforced disappearances), torture and arbitrary arrests… With these
Feb 14, 2022

The Turkey Tribunal (The Tribunal) is an Opinion Tribunal. It is neither a regular court subject to a State’s judicial system, nor a court established by a Treaty or an international organisation. It is a Tribunal established by civil society and serves as an instrument and platform to give recognition, visibility and a voice to people who allegedly suffer(ed) violations of their fundamental rights.

* Please note that all Turkey Tribunal steering committee members, judges, rapporteurs, witnesses participate in Turkey Tribunal on voluntary basis, and no one of them will be paid for their contributions to the tribunal. All the proceeds raised through our fundraising will go to logistics, accommodation, venue for the tribunal and such costs during the tribunal hearings in Geneva in September 2021. Following the hearings in Geneva, the remaining funds will be directed to the financing of International Criminal Court application by our team of experts.